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Announcing the Wysiwash Wellness Grant

Deadline for filing is December 31, 2016


We are pleased to partner with the Wysiwash to give two shelters $1000 each for projects that prevent the spread of disease. We want to focus on preventing the spread of disease because outbreaks can have devastating effects, including long closures of shelters and the euthanization of adoptable animals.

“We are excited to work with Wysiwash on this grant opportunity for animal shelters," said ASV president, Dr. Brian Di Gangi. “The Association of Shelter Veterinarians' mission is to enhance and support the practice of shelter medicine—and what better way to do that then to stimulate a friendly competition with the goal of making operational improvements that will benefit shelter animals?"

“The ASV is leading the way when it comes to measures to increase the health of the whole shelter population," said Wysiwash co-founder, Ken Hungerford. “We wanted to partner with them because they understand the challenges that come with having a lot of animals together and can evaluate whether proposals will have a substantial impact."

Projects eligible for the grants include (but are not limited to): staff education on cross contamination and disease prevention, new vaccination procedures for incoming animals, installation of artificial turf or other construction projects designed to limit the spread of disease. The grant is open to 501(c) nonprofit and governmental animal shelters in the United States.

Both the ASV and Wysiwash want the project to increase awareness about shelter medicine and encourage dialogue about effective ways to prevent the spread of disease. “We are also proud to offer this grant to both ASV member and nonmember veterinarians and hope that this will enhance awareness of the field of shelter medicine as well as foster collaboration between different types of sheltering organizations," added Dr. DiGangi.

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View the press release announcing the Wysiwash Wellness Grant.

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