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And the 2014 ASV Meritorious Achievement Award Goes to.... Dr. Lila Miller!


Dr. Lila Miller was officially presented with the ASV's 2014 Meritorious Achievement Award on October 30th during the ASV's member reception held during the ABVP Symposium in Nashville, Tennessee.  Dr. Miller, co-founder and former president and board member of the ASV, was chosen as this year's prestigious award recipient for her extraordinary commitment to our field as well as her work as a mentor and inspiration to many. 

Dr. Miller has long been a pioneer and leading voice in both shelter medicine and our own Association.  Her career in shelter medicine began with the ASPCA more than 35 years ago.  She was the head and director of the ASPCA's Brooklyn Clinic for a period of 15 years before transitioning to her roles as veterinary advisor, Vice President of Veterinary Outreach, and currently Vice President of Shelter Medicine.  Dr. Miller's contributions to veterinary medicine extend beyond her work at the ASPCA and outside of shelter medicine as well.  Dr. Miller has served on both the National Board of Medical Examiners and the National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, the executive committee of the American Association of Veterinary State Boards, and the New York State Board of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Miller was a co-founder of ASV, has served as both and original board member and two-term (2005, 2006) past president, and was a member of the Shelter Standards task force.

Dr. Miller has shown commitment and dedication to introducing shelter medicine into veterinary curricula.  She worked with Dr. Jan Scarlett to establish the first course in shelter medicine in 1999 at her alma mater, Cornell University, and coordinated the first shelter medicine course on the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) in 2003.  Dr. Miller is a recognized expert in shelter medicine and animal cruelty and has spoken at many different veterinary schools and innumerable conferences around the world.  Even an abbreviated listing of her conference presentations is impressive, including lectures at World Veterinary Congress, the American Veterinary Medical Association conference, Student American Veterinary Medical Association conference, North American Veterinary Conference, Midwest Veterinary Conference, Western Veterinary Conference, and many state and regional veterinary and animal welfare conferences.  She co-edited the first two texts on shelter medicine (Shelter Medicine for Veterinarians and Staff and Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters) as well as numerous other book chapters and articles. 

Dr. Miller's accomplishments have been recognized by many.  She is the 2005 recipient of the Hills Animal Welfare and Humane Ethics Award from the American Animal Hospital Association and the 2008 recipient of the AVMA Animal Welfare Award.  Most recently, she was awarded the prestigious 2014 Daniel Elmer Salmon Distinguished Alumnus Award which recognizes and honors graduates from the College of Veterinary Medicine who have distinguished themselves in service to the profession, their communities, or the College. 

Thank you, Dr. Miller, for all of your contributions to our field thus far in your career.  We applaud you and look forward to all of your future endeavors!