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Community forums are topical discussions between ASV members. 
(not available to affiliate members)

  • Sign in to the website and look for the “Community Forum” link located under the “Hello my name is…” image.
  • Click on the “Shelter Vet Discussion Board” and take a look at the topics already being discussed or start your own topic by clicking on “New Topic”
Once you click on a specific topic, you can post a reply or subscribe to email notifications and be notified as the discussion progresses.

Another opportunity for members

ASV Mentorship Program - Our newest member benefit is available to members in categories of Active Veterinarian, Student Members and Resident/Intern/Fellow. This exciting benefit is the ASV Mentorship Program. You have the opportunity to participate as a mentor or a mentee or both! Our goal with this program is to provide (1) shelter medicine learning resources, (2) career development and support, and (3) opportunities for collaboration and connection among members. For more information, send an email to [email protected].