Inaugural Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Animal Shelter and Community Medicine

Job type:

Part-time, volunteer – renewable 3-year term

Job description:

The Association of Shelter Veterinarians (ASV) seeks the inaugural Editor-in-Chief for the establishment of The Journal of Animal Shelter and Community Medicine, the first veterinary medical journal devoted to evidence-based research that impacts the health and welfare of animals in shelters and their communities.

Responsibilities of the Inaugural Editor-in-Chief:

The Editor-in-chief will serve as an ex-officio member of the ASV board. Editorial duties include:

- Establishment of the Editorial Board of up to 20 editors with a sufficient number of board members to actively assist in the handling of manuscripts, assure comprehensive representation of the journal’s scope, and represent a diversity of geography, experience, and opinion.

- Provision of a quarterly written report on the status of the journal to the ASV Board of Directors

- Annual presentation of the proposed journal budget to the ASV Treasurer for approval by the Board of Directors

- Selection of all materials for publication, including articles, commentaries, editorials, and reviews. The Editor should use the expertise of the Editorial Board, other peer reviewers, and editorial staff in critiquing and selecting manuscripts for publication. The Editor may delegate manuscript selection to editorial board members or other members of the editorial team. However, the Editor remains the final arbiter for all material published in the journal.

- Promote the scientific content of the Journal through dissemination of information to the media in association with the publicity coordinator for ASV

- Responsibility for selecting manuscripts that are original and important contributions to knowledge. Published manuscripts are expected to present valid and reproducible results in sufficient detail for readers to assess the validity of the inferences drawn. Published manuscripts are expected to refer appropriately to previous work.

- Ensuring that peer review and other related publication assignments are undertaken by qualified experts/reviewers, and that these reviewers disclose relevant conflicts of interest.

- Responsibility for clearly defining and implementing the journal’s ethical standards. The Editor is not responsible, however, for investigating, judging, or sanctioning the author for ethical lapses, other than deciding if authors should be barred from submission to the Journal when misconduct has been documented. The Editor shall establish the Journal’s policy on notifying an author’s institution of failure to comply with the Journal’s ethical standards. The Editor is also responsible for informing readers and secondary services of work formally found to be plagiarized, fabricated, or falsified.

-Responsibility for establishing procedures to help maintain Journal quality, identify errors and problems, detect trends that reflect deterioration in quality.

-Acting professionally, without prejudice or conflict of interest. The Editor will not allow their editorial judgment to be influenced by political, commercial and other considerations that are beyond the scope of each scientific report and analysis of possible impacts and applications

-The Editor will not disclose confidential information unless authorized by the source of that information, or if there are allegations of misconduct that require access to that information, or if the Editor is required by law to disclose that information.

-The Editor shall refrain from using confidential information for personal gain, and shall take reasonable steps to ensure that such information is not used for the advantage of other parties.

-Conducting at least one Editorial Board meeting annually during which the Editor will provide the Editorial Board with an update on the Journal, identify and discuss areas in need of performance improvement; and explore ideas for editorial development and potential enhancements to the Journal.

Ideal candidates would have:

-A creative vision for what the journal could achieve

-Excellent communication skills

-Leadership skills including strong interpersonal skills

-Experience of writing, reviewing, editing and publishing scientific journal articles

-Experience in the field of shelter and community medicine

-ASV active membership in good standing. Current ASV Directors may apply, but must resign their Board position before taking on the Editor-in-Chief position.

To apply:

Applications should include a cover letter of no more than two pages (500 words) with a summary of their qualifications and experience; a curriculum vitae; and a two page statement of their vision for the Journal, covering such topics as: why the applicant is interested in being appointed to this position; what qualifying experience they have; how they expect to conduct the Journal’s business on a day-to-day basis; and how they see the future development of the Journal. Any conflicts of interest should be declared. Email applications to [email protected] or mail to ASV, 3225 Alphawood Drive, Apex, NC 27539. All applications must be received by January 31, 2022.