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2017 ASV Student Chapter Projects

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University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine's ASV Student Chapter’s Annual Free Preventative Care Clinic for Pets


Every year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine hosts a free vaccine clinic for the pets of Philadelphian. Information about the clinic circulates in local churches and other community centers to help connect pets in need with preventative veterinary care. In order to honor the purpose of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of service, this clinic aims to target pet owners with limited access to veterinary care.

This clinic also offered free microchips to help keep pets connected to their families in perpetuity as well as low-cost flea and tick preventatives. With the implementation of preventative care and microchips, this clinic helps keep pets healthy and safe, even after they leave the hospital.

This clinic involved both students and clinicians at PennVet. A team of seventy veterinary student volunteers took the lead in examining, vaccinating, and microchipping these animals, while clinicians at PennVet’s Matthew Ryan Hospital provide supervision and guidance. In this way, this event provides a healthcare opportunity to the pet community of Philadelphia as well as a learning experience to many veterinary students.

This year, the clinic saw a record of 217 pets, representing many families throughout Philadelphia. Many clients say that they will return next year to ensure that they keep their pets’ vaccines up-to- date. The school has already begun planning next year’s clinic and hopes to once again serve a record-breaking number of pets and their humans.